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Why You Should be Using WordPress

Did you know that the websites for Vogue, the New York Post, and The Walt Disney Company all have something in common? They all run on WordPress.

There are more than 1 billion websites on the world wide web to date, and more than 25% of them run on this platform.

But let’s back up. First of all, what is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you, me, your granny, and just about anyone share their digital content online. The most common use for it is blogging, but it can also be used for so much more! I use WordPress to run this site, and I’m going to give you some solid reasons on why you should consider it for yourself.

WordPress is Open-Source

I know what you’re thinking—what does that mean? WordPress (also known as WP) is an Open Source initiative, which means anyone can ‘open’ up the hood and tinker around with the ‘source’ code inside. Chances are, neither you nor I will be one of those programmer superstars that spots a bug in the code a mile away and runs to the rescue to fix it.

But why does that matter? It matters because people all over the world are constantly working to improve the functionality of WordPress. So while you’re sleeping—someone somewhere is tinkering with source code to make your site more secure when it’s updated or making that plugin work faster. That sure sounds like an expensive premium feature, but actually…

It’s Free

WordPress is 100% free to download. No two week trial period, no credit card information; just download it and go! If that isn’t enough great news, this also extends to many of WP’s most popular plugins. Plugins take complex features and make them simple to use with a few input fields and buttons.

That sounds pretty great, right?

Of course the caveat is that while WordPress itself is free—a domain (your .com URL) and hosting (where your site is stored) are not. However, this will be true no matter what means you choose for making your website!

You can maintain it yourself

This is the most powerful part about WordPress. Once your site is set up and running, you don’t necessarily need to contact someone else (me, for example) to make tiny changes to your website. Did you accomplish something amazing that you want on your ‘about me’ page? Log in, navigate to the location of your bio, and make the changes live instantly!

This maintenance ability of course matters the most to content creators. When it comes to staying relevant on the web and visible on Google rankings—content is king, but that content needs to be frequent and fresh. WordPress gives you the power to take that great looking site and keep it consistently updated with your new work!

Resources are abundant

And if the idea of maintaining a WordPress site makes you nervous—relax! There are books, blogs, and entire websites devoted to the subject of doing that by yourself. But don’t limit yourself to just reading tutorials and struggling alone; ask for help!

I consider myself to be fairly tech savvy, but I know exactly how it feels to start using software that you’ve never used before. It’s frustrating at first, but persistence pays off. Nothing can beat the feeling of creating content yourself, and WordPress makes it that easy!

So you took the plunge and downloaded WordPress to share your content with the masses. Congratulations! And yet, that template doesn’t look quite right. It’s just not you, but you aren’t sure how to make it that way. Let me help you! I can make a custom WordPress website design with your vision in mind!