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How to Maximize your Brand Impact

You’ve made the thing or started offering a service, but the question now is: how do you get people interested in your brand? After all, the customer makes you doing what you do possible in the first place.

Let’s explore some pointers on how you can get people lining up to get on board with what you’re selling.

Be Consistent

As humans, we’re hardwired to see patterns. They help us make connections and establish relationships.

Why else would you get nervous in school while taking a multiple choice test and all of the answers are ‘B’? You’ve noticed the pattern, and unfortunately, that one is suspicious.

Using patterns in a favorable way can increase your brand recognition. Some ways to accomplish this are as simple as keeping track of your brand colors, your font choices, and having guidelines for how your logo appears. Expand this consistency into your general marketing and suddenly you have viewers associating your company with just a glance.

Think about it this way. Starbucks has built their brand so well over time that they removed their name from their logo. Whether you agree with that change or not, you can’t deny that an emerald green circle with a vaguely wiggly figure in the middle makes you think of coffee.

Consistency builds a brand. It helps people learn who you are.

…But Evolve Over Time

Remember everything I just said about being consistent? Forget it.

Just kidding! 😜

What I mean to say is that it’s important to be consistent, but your visual brand shouldn’t be stop growing. Many famous companies have already shown that change is necessary over time.

Evolution can be good for your business. Tastes, trends, and audiences eventually change, and you’ll need to visually adapt. This can mean giving your existing logo a much-needed facelift, updating your company voice, or taking a new art direction.

But evolving your brand doesn’t always mean completely trashing everything you have. Stick around long enough, and it will surprise you what part of your visual identity that customers become used to. Tropicana learned this lesson the hard way to the tune of $35 million that they spent on a new carton design and campaign that spectacularly flopped.

Who knew that consumers liked a little orange with a straw sticking out of it so much? Tropicana should have probably investigated that tidbit. And speaking of audience…

Know your Audience

Say it with me: everyone is not your target audience. Trying to reach everyone is the fast track to reaching no one. Why?

You can’t possibly market to everyone, because you, your product, or your service aren’t for everyone.

And that’s not a challenge—it’s just the truth!

When applied to marketing, The Pareto Principle says that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients. Doesn’t it make way more sense to find more about that 20% and target those true fans of your service?

Knowing your target audience makes crafting your visual brand a lot easier. Different demographics respond to different kinds of marketing, and narrowing your focus makes it easier for you to pinpoint what your target market will respond to.

You want your brand to have an impact, but where’s the best place to start? Having a solid brand identity, of course! Schedule a FREE consultation with me today so we can build a visual foundation that will grow with you.